Thursday, January 29, 2009

My past, boring as it was.

I'm a small town girl, which didn't exactly prepare me for a world of drugs, alcohol, and flashing. Since I grew up in the sixties, I quickly, and once exposed to college life, greedily, learned about corruption of one's self. Still, I've never flashed. Thank God those days are gone.

Since third grade when my teacher told me I should grow up an be an author. I used to tell people, when they asked, I wanted to be an author. Somewhere down the road, I forgot that ambition and fell into a stereotypical life of doing what was expected of me.

Motherhood rapidly followed wifehood and birth control made it possible for me to enter into the new era, "The Working Mother." Not that I was ever career oriented, I was just a poor wife and mother.

Mr. right finally came along and has been my best friend and husband for almost twenty years. When you've got the best, well, I'm keeping him.

Thirty years ago, I became a "Born Again Believer." I don't know, should that be capitalized. Aw well. Then sometime five or so years ago, I remembered my ambition to be an author and started my first book. I finished it, but on rewrite I realized I’d written three books in one and started my second book, which is almost completed. It’s called Bum’s Rush for now. You can read the blurb on this blog.

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