Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I can't dance, I can't talk

In the day, I could dance and dance and dance. I once danced for exercise and fun. I didn't realize it until one day when I looked at my baggy clothing, but I'd lost ten pounds without even trying. That'll never happen again.

I'm not fat, but I'm short. I have put on an extra twenty pounds. When I was on vacation with the hairdo from hell, I didn't realize how much the, previously, adoring camera had betrayed me until I saw the results of the photos. What a friggin' shock. I was horrified. I had to act.

I got right on it and dug out exercise tapes with dance aerobics, hip hop, walking, etc. I'm not only fat, I've lost any coordination I once had. I feel like a beached wale. With a little practice, I can get through a routine and it's becoming a little easier. My problem is, though I have a spacious basement, it's carpeted. So I'm out on Ebay looking for dance sneaker. Dance sneakers? Who knew. I need something I can pivot with and scoot in on the indoor/outdoor carpet.

Back to Ebay. I'm employed, but my husband is not, so I wasn't willing to pay full price for dance sneakers. Will, there they were for $10.00 on Ebay. Brand new and the right size and width, I've got bunions and a fat foot. I'm not holding my breath on their comfort, but the price was right and if they don't work out, will, I'm out a few bucks instead of a lot. I was just notified that I won the auction. Is it a good sign? Wait and see, I guess.

The good news is, the first two weeks, I lost five pounds. Yay. That's enough to keep me encouraged, so I went and bought some more exercise tapes. I'm rollin' now, boy.

Until next time, Good bye and God bless.
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Out of the Office

I have been away for a few weeks and now I'm back.

Off the top of my head, these are the things on my mind. It's scary how fast the cost of living is increasing. When you walk out of a grocery store with fewer bags and less product for the same price as you paid a couple of weeks ago, it's going to be impossible if this keeps up.

I'm still snailing along, editing Bum's Rush. I'd like to think when I get done with it, it will be perfect, but I'm a less than perfect person. so that's unlikely. I did something that I think magnified my errors. I published a private copy using BLURB. One of those publish your own things where you can sell it or not. I'm not, it's just for my eyes and I'll probably delete it, soon. It's a lot of work, but cheep. Unfortunately, when you copy the MS into the template, it doesn't indent paragraphs, so you had to do that by hand. It was worth it. It only cost me $14.00 plus shipping for one copy and it was in my hands within a week, a full paperback book with cover and everything.

I started reading it, and within a page errors were popping off the pages. Reading it in this form, was more like reading it as an unbiased reader. I don't recommend this for the faint of heart, because, as I said, it's a lot of work to set the thing up.

We spent a week in Oregon and ate our way across the state. We went to class reunions and family reunions, family birthday parties, climbed to the top of Multnomah Falls, and spent a couple of days at the beach. It was fun, but I didn't protect my face and got a tan. I normally don't let the sun touch my face, but it was mostly overcast, so it was easy to forget you still get sun damage through the clouds. Well, at least I have some color, now.

I hope everyone is doing well. God Bless and have some fun.
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