Sunday, June 21, 2009

How Present the Past

Many of you have given me some good advice on my current WIP, Bum's Rush. Thank you. One piece of advice, heard many times from different people, is to get away from it and write something else.

My first WIP, a work I started six years ago, now, has been on my mind. It's the novel I cut my teeth on. The one I allowed to be critiqued, the one I finished at least twice. I got it out the other day and started rereading it. Lo and behold, it's darn good writing. When I thought about it, it should be, I mean I nurtured it for five years before I put it aside for Bum's Rush. So there you have it. The name of this piece is, How Present the Past. Just so you know. You can watch my progress on my Bum's Rush page.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for visiting my blog. Five years, wow. Send it out and get that thing published! What's it about?

  2. It's not done yet or I would. I had to rewrite the plot wasn't working.

  3. HAHAHA I think I still have some critiques for that in my backup hard drive! Good story!

    I have your blog on my google reader so I get to see all you write, irregularly, but at least see it!