Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Under the Radar

Ive noticed in my reading that some literary agents want a book proposal in which you describe things like how you plan to promote your book. One even suggested starting in advance to the finished manuscript. Websites, interviews, even TV appearances. They suggest going to writing conferences and online social networks. One or two of them suggested including a website or blog address on the query letter. The agent then goes out and looks at how many comments you get to your posts.

It looks like I'm a bit behind on my promotional work. The other thing that interests me is the previous experience garnered throughout one's writing experience. I have none. I've never written a short story or entered a contest, so I'll be leaving that blank. I encourage everyone who thinks they may want to write a book, to start at a young age so they have time to incorporate this in their time spent away from work. Well, live and learn. It's an interesting road we travel as writiers.
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  1. Ouch, you touched a nerve. I'm also an aspiring writer with limited writing credits. A couple of decades ago I wrote a novel, sent out a bunch of query letters (snail mail variety), and had my book picked up by an agent. Unfortunately she was unable to secure a publisher. Fast forward to present - I'm completing the editing on another novel and want to try the whole thing again. Only now you don't just need a marketable manuscript, you need a web site and a blog and a following! Well, I've put together a website and started a blog but if an agent bases his/her decision on my fledgling following, I don't stand a chance. I wish I'd stayed with it way back when. I think it was easier.

  2. I agree with starting as soon as you think you want to write to be published. I started later in life, but I know potential has no age limit. But still, I wish I had gotten in the publishing game earlier. I do have a website and blog and I am now reviving my speaking opportunities. It's all hard work. Keep at it!

  3. I'll try again-- last post didn't make it. LOL I started writing five years ago and ahve done all that--I know it helps!

  4. thanks for dropping by my blog today! i hope that you'll send me any question you might want answered. or, you can always opt to have your character sit on the couch. :)

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