Saturday, August 21, 2010

Out of the Office

I have been away for a few weeks and now I'm back.

Off the top of my head, these are the things on my mind. It's scary how fast the cost of living is increasing. When you walk out of a grocery store with fewer bags and less product for the same price as you paid a couple of weeks ago, it's going to be impossible if this keeps up.

I'm still snailing along, editing Bum's Rush. I'd like to think when I get done with it, it will be perfect, but I'm a less than perfect person. so that's unlikely. I did something that I think magnified my errors. I published a private copy using BLURB. One of those publish your own things where you can sell it or not. I'm not, it's just for my eyes and I'll probably delete it, soon. It's a lot of work, but cheep. Unfortunately, when you copy the MS into the template, it doesn't indent paragraphs, so you had to do that by hand. It was worth it. It only cost me $14.00 plus shipping for one copy and it was in my hands within a week, a full paperback book with cover and everything.

I started reading it, and within a page errors were popping off the pages. Reading it in this form, was more like reading it as an unbiased reader. I don't recommend this for the faint of heart, because, as I said, it's a lot of work to set the thing up.

We spent a week in Oregon and ate our way across the state. We went to class reunions and family reunions, family birthday parties, climbed to the top of Multnomah Falls, and spent a couple of days at the beach. It was fun, but I didn't protect my face and got a tan. I normally don't let the sun touch my face, but it was mostly overcast, so it was easy to forget you still get sun damage through the clouds. Well, at least I have some color, now.

I hope everyone is doing well. God Bless and have some fun.
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  1. Welcome back. I think that publishing one copy in order to find the errors is awesome. You'd pay a lot just to have it printed at Kinkos, so why not have the fun of having it look like a book?

    Which beach? I was at Lincoln City last weekend. Maybe we saw each other and didn't know it?

  2. Yachat. I was in Lincoln City on Thursday. We headed inland from there. We must have just missed each other. What fun to know you almost brushed shoulders with a fellow blogger.

  3. Oh, man. My husband does the grocery shopping b/c he's good at stretching our bucks. But you're right, he shows me what he can get for $100, and it's not much these days. That expense and the electric bill are KILLING me.

    Stopped by to let you know, I just posted an interview with literary agent Laurie McLean on my blog:

    She provided awesome info, the most substantive answers I've received from a literary agent. Hope you can check it out!

  4. I know I think I'm the best editor, but unfortunately, what I think isn't alway the same as what's true. I end up printing my work, and find errors that I passed up a thousand times when editing on the computer. So, I can definitely see how reading your own book in a different format makes things pop out at you that you may previously have overlooked. I think eventually, I will do the same. Nice blog!

  5. Welcome back!! Things have been all good over here!

  6. Glad you're back. Love the new look. IT's been a while since I've visited.

    Sounds as though the BLURB book was worth the expense just to catch the mistakes. May check out that site.

    Be well. B

  7. Funnily enough, I follow another blogger who has just done the same thing - got her novel printed using Lulu - just one copy to see how it 'felt' and looked.

    Nice to see you back :0)

  8. Welcome back. Sounds like you had an interesting time. Since Cyprus entered the euro we have noticed huge price rises. Then the crisis came and bam, we tightened our belts.

    The book idea is a good one!

  9. What a great idea--the book. It never occurred to me to use POD that way. Brilliant! Glad you had a good time in our state, and don't worry about the sun. You need the D and that's the best way to get it.

  10. Reunions and parties are always so much fun. And, days at the beach sound heavenly. Glad you had a good time.

    I just wanted to say hello. Hope you have a splendid week!