Friday, November 26, 2010

Need Help?

It's not very often someone gets to help someone else. Part of the reason is, someone else forgets to ask for help. I'm offering up my help to anyone who wants to promote something author or book related. Do you have an upcoming release you'd like to advertise? Send me the info and whatever prevalent links, and if it's legal, tasteful, and easy, I'd be happy to help. I'm offering on a trial basis. If it looks like something that will benefit everyone concerned, I may make it permanent depending on the response I get. Make it easy though. I have limited knowledge of html and no knowledge of programming. What I don't know, I can teach myself, that is if it's something I am able to learn.

As you can see, I'm working on a new book. Actually, it's a complete rewrite of a book I started six years ago or so. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm up to 40,000 words give or take. That will change as I add and delete scenes. I'm so excited about it, I designed the artwork for it already. Hope you like it.

That's about it for today. I really am going to post more often and try and keep with you guys. I'm thrilled to have so many peeps who like my blog well enough to follow. Very flattering. Have a great holiday to those who celebrate, and God bless.

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  1. Don't need any help right now otherwise I'd take you up on the offer. We all have to stick together as we write and publish.
    Right now I'm trying to finish a novel I quit 30,000 into. It's been easy getting back into it and I do like the story. Do I need to love it? I think that's the feeling I'm working toward.
    Have a great day. I enjoy your blog too.

  2. I'll be around when you do. Good luck with your novel. I'm not crazy about mine sometimes, either. The one I'm working on, as I've said, is in the works six years. As I revamp, I begin to like it more. I love the character, of course.

  3. Hi...
    Just checking your here via Lew Waters' Right In A Left World...

    Actually, I have started five books...the most I've ever completed was two chapters in book number 3... One of these days I'll combine all five and they might amount to a worthwile publication...
    Storm'n Norm'n

  4. Thanks for the offer, I am not in need at the present time. I do know Talli Roland might appreciate it on Dec 1st.

  5. Yes, I have her stuff and will post it sometime soon. Good to hear from you again, Glynis. I follow you on FB and enjoy your posts. I don't know if you've made the connection between the face book me and the blog me.

  6. Welcome to my blog, Norm. Yes, I follow the right and I'm proud of it. I also found I was getting too emotional over what's going on in politics and had to back off for health reasons. I try to stay in touch, however.

  7. Hi. Can I just say that you are awesome for doing this. I wish I was further along in my writing process, but I am currently in the editing/revision process of my first novel. I hope to be to the query stage sometime this year. What I really need right now is to get a following for my blog and twitter. I hope social networking will aid in the process of leaving the aspiring writer arena to the published author arena. Is that something you would be interested in helping me with? Thanks a bunch!


    Twitter: @writingjewels1

  8. Social networking is a very good way to get yourself noticed, as well as making good friends. It all takes a lot of time and energy. You'll do well. I've been to your blog and it exudes energy.

  9. Thank you for looking at my blog. Social networking is really fun. I hope it will help get a following so when luck has it that I am published, I will have people there to buy my book.

  10. Keep the faith. You've got the right attitude.