Saturday, January 22, 2011

I just finished Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson. It's insanely good. It's a YA book about a teenage boy, tyler, who is in trouble. Just like most teens, he's trying to fit in. It starts off with him on probation for spray painting graffiti on the school. He figured he'd be considered a hero for this. So now he's doing community service by taring the school roof and digging holes for a landscaping business in between visits to his parole officer.

He's got the hots for a girl out of his league. She just happens to be the daughter of Tyler's father's boss and her brother has been bullying Tyler all through school. But due to all the strenuous labor Tyler has been forced to do, he's bulked up.

The girl becomes interested in Tyler and they go to a big party. She gets waisted and tries to seduce Tyler who decides to do the proper thing and not take advantage of her. She blows him off and disappears for a long time. Tyler drives her and her brother home because they are too drunk to walk.

Long story short, Tyler gets in trouble for taking pictures of her in various stages of dress.

Tyler has issues with his father as well, but I'll leave the rest for you guys to find out.
I came away wishing I could write a book like that and determined to do so, just as soon as I figure out how, exactly.
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  1. She's an amazing author, isn't she? I have to read this book!