Thursday, February 24, 2011


I am in need of some reviews, so I'm giving my E-Book away on Smashwords. See the sidebar for details.

I'm still waiting for Amazon to list my book. I guess it takes time for them to build my detail page. I'll keep you posted. Check out my other pages often. I am constantly changing them.

Okay, business is done. I got a new computer. I do that about every four years. Trouble is, they run out of ram before they break down, so they all still work. I have an old HP that has 60gig memory. That's it. I used it for four years, it broke down, still under warrenty, and HP (Heart them) replaced the harddrive twice. It still works. It even has a floppy disk which excites my husband. No one's turned it on for a few years now, but it's plugged in. Can you imagine all the updates wanting to be downloaded once it gets turned on. It's protected with a free anitvirus. The program takes up most of the ram, but it's protected.

Then I bought this other cute little computer, also HP (I heart HP) It didn't last two years, but I think I wore it out. HP analyzed it for free online and told me where to find a new harddrive for it. I got one off Ebay and now my husband is using it.

I then, bought a compaq, also HP (I heart HP). That's the one I've been using until recently when it became so slow, I started unloading it. That, of course wasn't exactly the problem. It just couldn't keep up with on 1 gig of ram. The one I just got is huge. 400 gb , 4 gig ram and it's red, also, you guressed it, it's an HP (I heart HP)

When my mom was so sick and I was doing a lot of traveling, I bought, shhh, a Samsung netbook. I know, HP makes them, but Samsung was cheaper without being cheap, you know. Anyway, it's adorable and runs on a battery for up to 10 hours. It's not that good of a product, though I wouldn't give it up for anything. Great on airplanes and traveling long distances in cars. It's been recovered twice, once I was able to do it myself, the next time, I messed it up and had to take it in to the geek squad.

You may think I'm obsessive. I am, but not about computers. I use them almost every waking moment when I'm at home, and take on to work with me during the day. I suspect, I'll be buying a new one every three to four. It's what I do. Somepeople go through cars or phones, or IPods, I go through computers.

So, there you've got it. This post wasn't so much about my books as it was the devices I write them with. Oh well. I haven't blogged for a few days, so I had a lot to tell.

See ya next time. Go out and get your free E-Book.
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