Monday, March 7, 2011

That Girl Update

I'm moving right along with my new novel, That Girl. My goal is to get it completed by the end of this summer. What do you think? Is it possible. It took me more than five years with the last one, but I had problems with that one. A severe case of writer's block for months at a time. I've learned with that first novel. I was a seat of the pants writer with that one and I kept having to rewrite. So, with That GirlI'm doing an outline. My first outline ran through the general scenes as I had them written. Then I concentrated on my characters and did a Character outline, now I'm on a scene by scene outline and as it turns out, I'm outlining each scene, then writing it. We'll see. I'll post a few paragraphs of the first chapter below.

First, I want to remind everyone that Bum's Rush is still free at Smashwords, or if you really want to contribute to my fortune, you can buy it at Amazon, now in book form as well as on Kindle. Thank you everyone who have already taken advantage. I love you for it.

Okay, as promised here's a bit from That Girl. Feel free to comment either way. You like it, you hate it.

Dinner was souring in my stomach. Negotiations ended, bargains made, papers signed. My business would be solvent once more, and I could pay off my future father-in-law, bless his retched soul. Now the conversation was redundant and I was nothing more than a smiling bobble head. A good woman and a tall glass of Moscato were waiting for me at home.

I caught a reflection from the door and looked at it longingly. If only I were on the other side heading away. Here I come, darlin’ start pouring the wine.

My heart leapt to my throat just as I was about to take a sip from my water glass. A brief visual of spewing my guests with water and spittle prolonged the inevitable awestruck, adolescent goddess worship. Time slowed.

They say, or so they should, the love of your dreams will be just that, in your dreams. She’ll never be the love of your life, or so they should say. My dream had just arrived.

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  1. Love the thought of the character as "he" (I take it he's a guy?) imagines spewing his water all over the place.

  2. Thanks, I threw that in about a minute before I posted.

  3. Good luck on your story! I hate setting deadlines for myself but sometimes we have to! I look forward to reading more from you!

  4. I bet you can do it by the end of summer.

  5. Hi, Elizabeth. I’m just dropping by to say hello.

    Good luck on your story, you can do it! We're all pulling for you.

  6. It's great that you've set a goal to get your novel finished. I need to do that otherwise it just drags!

  7. Elizabeth;
    Just keep at it and write something each day. Tell your friends your goal so you'll be sure to stay with it.
    I've been trying to get my novel published for 8 years and finally signed the contract last week.
    PS Stop over at my blog, I'm having a giveaway for "The Lincoln "Lawyer"