Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ever just don't feel like it?

I love that I have a blog, and I love that I have so many peeps. I am pleasured to be semi-starting a new phase in my life--semi retirement. Once I get over the guilt of working part-time It's going to be a blast. But sometimes I just don't feel like doing anything. I've been lazy and loving it. Finally got motivated, though. I'm not sure exactly when, but our next huge step will be to sell our house. That's after we get our travel trailer and my husband retires from his job. Dosen't matter, the motivation is all that matters. I'm excited about pulling up the carpets and restoring the hardwood floor beneath. I can't wait to see what they look like. I know it's going to be a dirty mess and we'll have a lot of work moving the furniture, rolling up the carpet and pad, and restoring, but it's going to be a rush, and it should get me out of my dull-drums.

On a similar, yet different note, decluttering the house is exciting. We've taken bags and bags of stuff to Goodwill, and there is so much more to do. We've lived here for fifteen years. Still, I have to make myself do it. Starting out slow, but getting a lot done.

As for my writing, it's come to a complete stop. Something I intend to remedy. Life never stops changing, it just stalls for awhile.

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  1. I envy you the decluttering. My husband is a collector of other people's treasures and he has a terrible time parting with any of them. If I declutter it's my own stuff.

  2. I know the feeling! I took early retirement from my library job in January and after an initial couple of weeks where it just felt as though I was on annual leave I suddenly realised I never have to go to work again! So, what I don't accomplish today I don't fret about so much.

    Now that a number of long-awaited projects have been completed I do find the urge to write seems to be easily shifted onto a back-burner, though!

    I think I've abandoned the three novels I had in progress (I say 'think' because you never know when the mood will strike!) but I set myself a weekly challenge to produce a 300-word piece of flash fiction every Thursday - seems deadlines really do have a motivational factor!

    Enjoy your free time! Guilt? Nah......!

  3. My husband just recently retired, and I hope in the next week he'll actually BE retired. I've still got 8 years. Ugh.

  4. Life does stall out every once in a while. That means it's time to have fun!

    Sometimes when I can't write, I make up a couple of dice. I roll them and see what happens. :P Got my new WIP that way!

  5. Life stalls, but just as easily it picks back up. My husband was semi-retired for a while and I was so happy when he decided to go back to practicing law full time (even at his age). He drove me crazy with his boredom. I do wish I could declutter and I envy you that.

    Just enjoy your free time and use it as an opportunity to write more. Everything will cycle back into motion. Thank you for visiting my blog.


  6. Life is so cyclical. There are times when I am ultra, uber-productive. Other times I totally run out of steam and for days I just feel like sitting on the couch and doing absolutely nothing. I don't do nothing, of course, because I have four kids, a husband and two dogs, but I FEEL absolutely no motivation whatsoever...

    Don't ever forget that we grow at rest, and rest helps us transition. The older I get the more I respect listening to my heart mind and body, trying to take its cues as things to be heeded, rather than ignored!

    Good luck in packing and selling and resting and whatever else life brings your way!!

  7. I can relate. Been planning to give my house a good once-over for months now and just haven't found the time. I've chosen writing over the domestic stuff. Hopefully I'll find a balance someday. Good luck with the renovations.

  8. "Ever just don't feel like it?" ALL THE TIME. Then shortly after that comes the guilt from having wasted my time.

  9. I just took a dinosaur TV to Goodwill along with 4 bags of clothes. I feel like I lost 20lbs. Just as soon as you dive into a house project the writing bug will land on your shoulder and tickle your ear.