Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just wanted to say, Thanks

You know what I love? It's you guys. I've been going through a rough spot in, it seems, everything. My life is changing in so many small ways. There seem to be more things to conquer, more things to achieve, and less time to do it all.

This is how naive I am--was. Up until around five years ago. I believed the older you got the easier life got. I'm not talking health wise, at least I know better than that, I mean in general. Things would become easier, I'd mellow out and let things be, well, easy. I used to believe nothing would change in the world and it would skip along like always. I never expected to have to face things like, unemployment, the stock market crippling along so I may not be able to completely retire(Thank you Mr. Obama). Grocery prices and gas prices skyrocketing (ditto above) and strange and unusual things, like the occupy everything gang that won't go away, keep happening. Yep, thought it would all be roses and cream.

Loud buzzer. It didn't happen. I let things get to me and all the sudden I'm crippled with worry and guess what suffers--my writing, my health, my well-being. I hate to keep harping on this. Ya'll must be getting tired of my whining by now, but you put up with it, because in spite of the above paragraph, you guys make things easier. I just wanted to thank you for that. For your support and encouragement. I know it's not just words. Just saying this lifts a huge burden off my chest. Funny how just saying "Thanks" can make a person feel better.

That's all for this week. Take care, everyone. Bookmark and Share Photobucket

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  1. You take care, yourself. Hope you have a good week!