Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good News, Global Warming--a Hoax

Seems like the scientifics have been tampered with in order to continue to receive finance for research. Someone hacked into some emails that described how the numbers were being manipulated to indicate the earth was warming. Nice, huh?

Anyone with common sense could see, if anything, the earth is cooling. We've had the coolest summer in memory. Most of the summer, we slept with the air off and the windows open. Except for allergies, it was great.

So, have you noticed? My numbers are climbing. I'm at 80% done with my MS. Then I think one more quick walk-through, and I'll be ready for stamp it "The End." Yes.

That's all I had for you. I've been busy, so not much to report. I'll be on vacation next week, but I'll stay in touch when I can.
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  1. Never believed the global warming thing.

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  3. Just stopping by to say that since I have bookmarked your site I have enjoyed all of your post. Keep up the excellent writing.

  4. I'm not a fan of Global Warming, but do you have a source to quote for your information about fudged facts through email. I'm interested to know what that was.

    Also, Good job on being 80% done!

  5. I think you're a bit quick to label Global Warming a total hoax. This data fudging only involved some scientists at one University.

  6. Global Warming involved a whole lot than a few scientists at one University. That's not even where it started. Google Global Warming Hoax. Come on, nothing stays the same. To say that the planet will self destruct and then blaming ourselves is noble, but folly. There will always be trends.

    Now think about it, Global Warming is big business. Lots of money has gone into proving it. But it's not provable and the scientists have discovered that. Now it's a big political thing. Rather than jumping for joy and suffering some embarrassment, they've covered it up. It's now called climate-gate. Judge for yourselves.