Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Write

It is fun to just write. For me it means un-writing. When I'm having doubts about a chapter or even a word, I know I'll be revisiting it. I try for avoidance and delusion knowing full well, I'll be making that change.

So why do I leave it unchanged the minute the feeling haunts me? Because I don't have a solution. This frustrates me, but the only way I'm going to resolve that un-loving feeling is to just write. Eventually it comes to me.

That's what has happened to me just today. The solution is so amazing, the inclusion of it will make the ending so much better.

And why haven't you been able to jut finish this masterpiece, Liz? Because, unlike the beginning of a story where you have the whole thing ahead of you, the ending is where everything is behind. The ending means, there is not much left to say, but it's the most important nothing in the book, so it's harder to hurry up and be done.

So if anyone else is having trouble finishing a book, and I know some of you are because you've told me, don't despair. I believe it's an evolution.
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  1. Finishing is easy. Just getting through the first draft is a struggle. Once I have my ending, my favorite stage begins - editing.

    Yeah, I'm weird that way.

  2. Yep, just write. It is a philosophy that works wonders to prevent the dreaded writers block. Words can always be revised later. They can't however, be revised if they never hit the page.

  3. I've read so many books and heard so many conflicting opinions on the writing process. My stance is a little different than the general consensus, I think.

    I actually found myself more focused and thus more productive if I took a "writing" break and spent a whole day doing nothing but editing/revising. In my case, I think the extra motivation came from being pleased with a fresh, polished chapter and wanting to move forward with renewed enthusiasm.

    But writing is such an individualized endeavor. It's interesting how no two people approach it the same way. =]

  4. Yes, I agree. Just write.

    Lately though, my problem has been -- time. Too much life happening and no time for writing. But, I'm lookingg forward to becoming stuck somewhere in my writing as opposed to not being able to write at all.