Saturday, April 17, 2010

2 wk Hiatus

Did you miss me? First of all I want to thank all of you for all your comments--so helpful. I love my virtual and virtuous friends.

I feel like I can take a breather now. I know my book still needs a little revision, but I'm printing it out for my husband to read. I want a completely biased review to begin with. Then I need to get it proofed because, as you have probably noticed, my punctuation isn't always good. This is due to a mental block and commas are my main downfall.

I finally got my printer to work. Not that it didn't work before, but it took me awhile to find and download the drivers for it. It's a few years old, but works wonderfully.

Now I'm wondering what to write. I'm not like a lot of you. Ideas for a story aren't flooding my mind, popping out the top of my head, or even present inside my brain.I don't have a backlog I can access. So I sat with my hands hovering over the keyboard last night, and had a thought. It's not fully, or even partially developed and I don't know if I have it in me to write. It's going to be futuristic and I'm going to write it in first person. I suppose the genre for futuristic is fantasy, and I want to add lots of suspense. I could also make it an YA. At this point, I haven't decided how old my MC will be. I know it will be a man.

I like writing in a man's POV. I'm not that in tune with my psychic to tell you why. I guess because I like men and I can mold a male MC into anything I want him to be. And no offense to my men friends, but men are much less complicated than women--IMHO.

I'm thinking of having a celebration give away. I have two books I can give away. No, not mine. It's far from the finish line. I still have to write a synopsis, a cover letter, and a query. I might pop over to the Public Query Slushpile and other helpful blog sites in the blog-sphere to get me through that. No, I have two Christian YA books, never been read. I've never had a giveaway, so I'm going to do a little research on how to do it.

So, I hope everyone has a happy and productive weekend. Stay safe, and God bless.
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  1. Well done Elizabeth, on reaching the finishing line! Good luck for the future WIP.

  2. Wonderful job. I can't wait to hear about your query process.

  3. Er, What's Imho? Good luck on your agent search :)

  4. You found me today, and left a heartfelt, uplifting comment, and now I'm happily finding you. This looks like a fascinating blog, and I'm bookmarking it so I can browse it later. Bum's Rush sounds like a book I would like to read!!

  5. No, I just discovered you didn't find me. It was someone else. I'm new to blogging, a Senior Citizen who sometimes has these brain lapses! But I'm still glad I found your site!!

  6. yes it was a good weekend thank you