Friday, April 2, 2010

Non-offensive edit update.

Oh no, it seems my last post offended someone. It wasn't intended to do so. It was just a quirky book idea. Therefore, I have removed anything controversial from my post with apologies.

The following is my edit update:

I am halfway through the third edit of my book. That's half way in two weeks. I've found each edit takes less time to get through. I breezed through the first half because it's pretty much edited to death. Each time through a few more chapters become exempt to editing until at last, it's perfect. It's quite a process and I am enjoying it so much.

Happy editing my peeps.
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  1. Sorry for - whatever happened!

    And I LOVE the editing phase!

  2. Oh dear! We do have to tread carefully at times.

    Enjoy your editing, I am learning to enjoy mine.

    Happy Scribbling

  3. Sigh. If you're like me, you begin to think of your readers as friends who share your sense of humor. When I first started my blog, my best friend, Sandra, emailed me, "For God's sake take {offending subject matter not mentioned to titilate those reading} off your post! Are you out of your mind?"

    I emailed her back, reminding her who she was talking to. Of course, I was out of my mind. It was why she liked me. But because, like you, I try to be considerate, I removed the offending sentences, and the pictures, and the diagrams. Just joking about the last two.

    I enjoy your site. Keep your head up and your dreams alive. Have a happily surprising new week, Roland

  4. Oh - frustrating. I feel much like Roland, above, who relates closely to his readers. It is the trade-off between a blog only followed by a small number who share your vision, and a blog, like yours, followed by many people with many differing visions. And naturally there comes a time when a small readership grows, and you have to be concerned about content in ways you didn't when you started out. You'll never make everyone happy, of course, but I agree that exercising discretion when possible is the the best course of action. Keep on writing.
    One Writer's Mind

  5. Ah, the life of a writer, eh? Sometimes it's easier to edit a novel than to edit your own comments, isn't it? I can't count the number of times I've said something aloud that I shouldn't and managed to offend someone.

  6. yay! best of luck to you with everything!! :D edits can be brutal :P