Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kamikaze Squirrels

They are out there waiting, waiting for YOU. Those little rodents with fluffy tails and an amazing sense of timing. They pick a potential killer, wait for it . . . NOW.

They dig in with tiny back feet, dart across the path of oncoming trucks who's wheels, miraculously miss the little creatures by millimeter. Don't slow down, don't flinch, don't miss a beat, they are at full throttle. You catch a movement in the corner of your eye, and before you can react with more than a curse word, THUMP and BUMP, their dead.

Where I'm from, they have laws. You can not molest a black squirrel. Squirrel molesters may, however, have a field day with the brown ones. I was fortunate the one who killed himself using my car as a weapon was a brown squirrel (wipes sweat beads from forehead).

Be warned, participating is this ritual, even unwittingly, will ruin your day.

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  1. it's going around. My friend hit a squirrel yesterday. ~sigh~ suicidal squirrels.

  2. They are rather suicidal.
    There's a book - Peterson's Guide to Flatened Fauna - that those chalk outlines reminded me of and it's SO funny!

  3. Today, I was fortunate enough to be driving my mom to the store. And of course, THEY were there. I almost gave my mom a heart attack when I yelled "AIEEEEEE" as a squirrel darted in front of my wheels. I missed him by less than a second. Stupid squirrels. Don't they know there's so much to live for?!

  4. When we lived in Maryland we had black squirrels, but just the crummy brownish/gray ones here in Virginia. Haven't hit one yet even though we live in the mountains. Crazy squirrels.


  5. Thank goodness fo"speedbumps" every few yards in our neighborhood, keeps a lot of people from hitting them so much.

    I’m stopping by to say hi, hope you had a good week. Have a nice “rest-of-the-week”!!