Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm training someone to back me up at work so's I can be sick and go on vacation and stuff. I don't mind training if I don't feel rushed, but I work with patients and most of them are tolerant, but it is still nerve wracking.

We had a severe thunderstorm last night, Sirens going off, emergency radio spouting warning after warning. I worry, my husband doesn't. He was getting ready to go to a meeting, to leave me home alone to deal with the storm. He's fearless, I'm a scardy cat. Then the storm hit--he had second thoughts and when we looked at the trees across the street and noticed they were being blown in a circle. We headed for the basement. Burrr. The electricity went out. Now, we're in a basement that is underground and has no windows, and is pitch black. Luckily, years ago, we installed an emergency light that comes on when we lose power. It doesn't give much light, but enough.

I had my netbook with me. I love my netbook. The battery will keep for up to ten hours, so I had some entertainment, at least. My husband watched a movie on his iPod. I love technology.

Long story short, twenty minutes later we emerged from the basement and an hour and half later, the lights came back on.

Don't you just love spring?
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  1. I've always wondered how people live the thunderstorms... I would be scared to bits really!!!

  2. I love storms--even the super scary ones cause they simply take my breath away. I'd have to say though, it's pretty nifty you two had your gear charged up to keep you occupied or else that would have felt SO much longer!

    Love the whole training someone so you can be sick and all that!