Thursday, May 7, 2009

Skip Speaks out

Hi, My name is Skip Reynolds and I'm a co-star in the upcoming book,Bum's Rush, by E.A. McKenzie. She's a great author, by the way. though she's been dragging her feet finishing this novel. Sorry E.A.

Psst, You have to wonder if she knows, herself, how it's going to end. But, hey, we've all been there. Life gets busy, then there's writer's block. Don't believe anyone who says there isn't such a thing.

Anyway, I play a sixteen-year old, homeless orphan who stutters. Can't say two words together without it becoming a production. I had to learn sign language in order to communicate. After my mother dies, I go through a series of foster homes. I run away from the last one because the mom was mean and abusive. I don't have anywhere to go, so I take to the streets of downtown Portland and befriend an old bag lady. Her name is Lilith and she's as loopy as a corset, if you know what I mean. She kinda smells, too, but you get used to it. It's kind of sad the way we part company.

So, I'm panhandling in the plaza when the story begins. A shot rings out. Everyone starts to run. So do I, but a man, Jack Troy, the star of the novel, is in my path and falls into my arms. Yeah, he's been shot.

I'm scared, and now I have this man's body trapping me to the cement. I finally claw my way out and start to run when I notice the guy is still alive. I almost leave him there to bleed out. But my mother instilled some values in me. I apply pressure to Jack's wound and save his life. I run off when the cops get there because they want to arrest me for assaulting the mean foster mom I mentioned above.

Later, Jack and his friends go through a lot of trouble to rescue me. I almost shoot one of them with Lilith's gun, but . . . I'd better not say more. It's corny, but Jack is my hero.

Some pretty bad stuff happens after that, and, well, Jack's brother, Ancel, gets hurt because of me. Jack kind of turns on me for awhile. E.A. says she had to do that. She insists there has to be conflict in a story. Well, there's plenty of that, I can promise you--lots of tension and excitement--love too. You see, Jack meets my school councilor and falls for her, but I can't say much about that without giving too much away. E.A. does a good job writing a discrete love scene between Jack and her.

In the end . . . Oops, I just got the look that means to shut up, Skip. I hope E.A. lets me blog again. This was really fun.


Skip Reynolds

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  1. This was neat. I may have to do my own character voice post on a MC. The book sounds interesting as well. Good luck, and let us know when you get to the end.