Monday, May 4, 2009

It's All Good

My little netbook really worked good on my trip to Oregon. With just one little click to optimize the battery, I was able to get ten hours off it, which really made the flight go fast. And the best part is, I got a lot done on my book. I've almost completed the first draft of the end of the novel.

The first draft of the end of the novel, hmm. The first half of the novel has been repaired and revised many times as I went along. But in an effort to reach the end, I had to neglect previous chapters.

When I get back to the first chapter, I'll find some nice surprises throughout. Also some disappointments, I'm sure. This time through, I'll be looking for inconsistencies, time-lines, punctuation, spelling, etc. Once I get to the end, and start reading from the beginning, I'll pay more attention to my characters, bring them to life, make them three dementional and unique. They'll have more experiences, feel things in their hearts, with their fingers and, unfortunately, they'll be physically hurt. It's the way of life for fictional characters. They'll see, hear, and smell--some will smell, literally.
I'll strive to give the narrator a vacation, give the characters back their thoughts and let them act out a little, maybe show humor. They will be disgusted, contemptuous, irate, confused, offended, loved, misunderstood, bad and good. I'll be paying closer attention to stronger verbs and more sensitive to emotions. When I make the final preparation for submission, the story should pop off the page and walk into the hearts of the readers. That's all I can ask for.

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  1. Ahh, the lengths we strive through to make our books come to life, eh?

    I'm glad the netbook is working out. You're the third person I know who really likes theirs.