Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can you give me a description?

Descriptions. I aways come up sort and have to run the internet for help so my characters won't all look alike. So I made a list. Of course it can be revised and added to, but here are the basics. Feel free to add to the list.


  • Old, oldish, young, middle age, six-month, twenty-years, mid forties, beyond expiration

  • Height:

    • I'm six feet tall and I had to look up at him."

    • Shorter than the height requirement at Disney Land."

    • As tall as he is wide"

    • She seemed taller than her five foot one inch height"

    • Average height might be a stretch as she only came up to his shoulders."


    • His neck seemed not to exist as it sat on his shoulders like a Mr. Potato
      head. His bespectacled eyes and bulbous nose added to the illusion and his body was as round as the potato. He had stick legs and feet like a hobbit's.

    • He was well built, long legs, long torso, and pecs that would shame Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    • Thin and muscular like a dancer.

    • So average, she would disappear in a crowd.

    • Built like a test tube.

    • Bent like a question mark.

    Hair color

    • Blond

    • strawberry blond

    • dishwater blond

    • yellow as the sun

    • gray

    • brown

    • dark brown

    • black

    • blue black

    • light brown

    • red

    • carrot red

    • crayon red

    • streaked

    • highlighted

    • white, gray

    • salt and pepper

    • pink

    • blue

    • blond over black

    • bottle blond

    • bald head surrounded by a half circle of gray

    • Bald on top with a skirt of tight red curls around the ears

    Hair style, type"

    • long

    • straight

    • curly

    • short

    • spiked

    • limp

    • Punked

    • bald

    • mostly bald

    • receding hairline

    • ponytail

    • pigtail

    • braids

    • Bun, bob

    • buzz cut

    • ringlets

    • back combed

    • parted

    • bangs

    • swept over

    • bangs

    • shaved

    • wavy

    • pompadour

    • bushy

    • course

    • shiny

    • like wire

    • kinky

    • lustrous

    • scraggly

    • weaved

    • sculptured part

    • dreadlocks

    • Afro

    • bee hive

    • tresses

    • bouffant

    • flyaway

    • pixie

    • ratted

    • center part

    • side part

    • fluffy, choppy

    • layered

    • permed

    • French twist

    • funky

    • shag

    • surfer

    • sun kissed


    • Horselike

    • bulbous

    • straight

    • hooked

    • flared

    • red

    • pointed

    • like a ski jump

    • broken

    • smashed
    • pug

    • big

    • small

    • sharp enough to pop a balloon

    • nostrils wide enough to accommodate car,

    Eye color:

    • blue, brown, chestnut, green, gray, red, periwinkle, sapphire, chocolate, light brown, dark brown, black, charcoal, albino, mud

    Eye shape, etc:

    • almond, round, big, small, beady, wide, deep set, dark, large, small, expressive, sad, sparkly, bright, concerned, troubled, gentle, kind, mean, mischievous, cruel, cold

    I don't want to drag this out today. There's so many others out there. A person just has to use their imagination, and if you're writing a fantasy or paranormal fiction, the sky is the limit. Your character could have wolf eyes. Like I said before, contribute some of your favorites in the comments. I'll continue this on another post.

    Happy hump day.
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    1. I will let you have my personal statement revised...she is short but taller than her dogs LOL

    2. Wow, I never realized there could be so many different types of hair styles! I was thinking curly and straight and windswept. That's it! Whew. What a great list of things!

    3. She had poker straight hair and a button nose. Thanks for sharing the list. Appreciate you sharing it.