Friday, July 17, 2009

Too flippin' Good to be True

PhotobucketOkay, so I go online on a whim one day and find an old version of Adobe Photoshop. Man, it's a great price and I don't question this because it's a version behind. So I get it and load 'er up. Error message, all the components don't install on my computer. I go to the web, ask question, fuss around with programs where I don't have any business being, and still nothing. I uninstall it, reinstall it, turn off virus protection and firewalls, install it again--same error. My last resort, I read the instruction. No help there. Finally, I throw my hands up in a fit of disappointment and frustration and uninstall for what I think is the last time.

I email to company, "Oh sure," they emailed back, "you know, send it back, but what is the problem, if we can help, we'd like to try." Well gee, how nice is that? I go through the process of installing it again so I can get the message in it's word for word entirety. I really want this program, it's the coolest thing ever. Anyway, I reply back to the email with the message and a complete history of, it's on Vista and what processor my computer runs with, how much space I have, blah, blah blah. I send it off. Mind you I only have forty days in which to return it. I've been waiting for a week and gotten nothing back.

I uninstall it from my compaq and load it onto my six year old, rebuilt HP with Pentium 4 processor and lots of space. Well, you can imagine my delight when it and all its components installed without a hitch. I go to register it . . . The registration is invalid. Now I spend the day in the adobe Photoshop website going through faqs, business solutions, forums, you name it. I find a place where it lets me put my serial number in so they can help. So sorry, the registration number is invalid. Surprise! Oh, and here's something else I learned from my travels. This version of Photoshop won't install on Vista. Well crap.

I'm going to send them another message and wait a day or two, then I'm putting it in the box it came in, taping the torn edges up--well, I was excited when I got it and just ripped it open. I'm sending it back lock, stock and barrel.

Sigh, will I ever learn, if it's too good to be true, it's not true.

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  1. Unbelievable, isn't it? It's a wonder anyone can get anything creative done when crap like this happens. I feel you pain, totally.

  2. so annoying. Can you not send it back, stop the payment on it and start afresh?

  3. Elizabeth!! That's just a rotten turn of events!!! I understand how you feel and it's NOT NICE!!!!! I think I would do as Glynis suggests IMMEDIATELY -- stop payment on your card, then send it back after that's been taken care of and then report them to wherever you found it -- like ebay or onlineauction or any of those kinds of places. That seller might be kicked off immediately.

    If they are their own online store, report them to your state attorney general, the Better Business Bureau, and any places they claim to be affiliated with [like their webhost] and get the word out they are unreliable.

    You might want to mention their name AFTER everything is settled. Google keeps most of the blogger keywords and labels pretty high up on their search engine, so someone is likely to read about your plight before they also get messed up.

    You shouldn't be swindled like this!! It gives all online sellers a VERY bad name. Good luck for a speedy solution!!

  4. oh my gaud. this is horrible. just when you thought it was working, another road block. i have photoshop 7, well actually just upgraded to cs4 and still getting used to it. i like 7 just fine and it's still on my computer, but cs4 can edit my RAW files.

  5. I had the same problem with an HP printer that would not install on my old computer. One was too new. I returned the printer and got a different one.