Thursday, December 9, 2010

Self Doubts

Some days I wish I had never told anyone I was writing a novel. Why? Some of you already know the answer to that one. People want to keep asking, "When can I read it," "When's it going to be done?" "Aren't you finished with that yet?" "What are you doing, working on your book?"

I admit, it's taken me forever to write this dang novel. Thankfully, some people have forgotten I'm writing one. I really don't mind the occasional question. I'm a little shy about it, is all. I shouldn't be so sensitive. After all, I've posted it on my Facebook profile that I'm writing a novel. It's only natural people would be curious about it. Well, it's so close to being done. I'm back to formatting it and actually making progress.

I think, sometimes, I'm the one holding myself back.Questions like, "What if its a piece of crap?" "What if people don't like it?" "Will anyone buy it?" "What if its a piece of crap?" I'm not one to blow my own horn, so promoting it will be grueling for me, yet none of these questions will be answered if I don't tell people about it. Only one person, besides my husband, has read. She said she liked it, especially the surprise ending, but she's one of my BFFs, would she have said it was a piece of crap?

Do all writers go through this self doubt? I've read other writers say similar things. I wonder if Dean Koontz, or Robert Crais, or John Grisham have these doubts? If they do, do they care, really? All the way to the bank. I'm not writing to get rich. I guess I ought to remember that I'm writing because I love to write and not worry about what people think. But then I wouldn't be human, would I?

See ya next time. Until then have a great week.
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  1. SELF DOUBTS. My life is made up of doubt. My writing life anyway. I've had numerous stories, essays and poems and whatnot published and I still think I can't write.
    I just keep writing. I had someone ask me yesterday in a Christmas card where could she buy my book.
    Just because one is a writer does not mean one has a book on a shelf somewhere.
    I've been writing for 30 years and my goal now is to get a book sold. But who knows when that will happen. In the meantime, I write. Despite the doubt and the questions.
    So, YOU keep going to. That's an order. You can't be the writing judge. You are the writing creator.
    Blessings. Barb

  2. Oh you are so normal. Everything you said, I've said and felt. I decided to not let my BF read this current book--she never tells the truth, I believe when it comes to wanting a hard critique.

  3. I have doubts all the time. I think it's part of the process. It's an ugly part, but still a part of it.

  4. I feel this way a lot of the time! And I almost don't like talking about my novel at parties and such because people inevitably ask when it's going to be published, when in reality it's still being shopped around by my agent so the answer is: I have no idea! LOL.

  5. I wish I had never told The Man about my writing because he gives me crap about it daily.

    Him:"How much writing did you get done today?"

    Me:"Shut your face."

    Comes with the job, I guess.

  6. Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement. We're all in this together. I love writers.

    Hugs to all of you.

  7. What if it's NOT a piece of crap? What if people DO LIKE it?

    Hang in there and most of all ... have fun writing. It's the best way to go.