Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sometimes I just need to ramble

I may have hurt some feelings when I complained about people who ask me about the status of my book. Upon reflection, there is only one or two people I wish I'd never told I was writing a book. On further reflection, only one of those people is a smart ass about it, and he's a smart ass as a rule, anyway. Someone I work for to those who might know me. The only men in our office are the bosses. So I apologize to anyone who thinks my comments suggested for them to shut-up already. Ask away.

I'm looking forward to the ROW80 challenge goal. If this goes well, I might be on the track to becoming a certified goal-maker. I feel like once I get started, the thirty minutes will grow to sixty and so on.

Aw, the weekend. Like some of you, I live for them. It's the most productive time for me. I wake up and start writing. It's a joy, and I would throw a complete hissy if someone tried to take them away from me. It's also the only time during the week that I can spend with my husband doing special things. I would hope he would throw a hissy if someone tried to take those away from him. There's talk that my bosses have other plans for my weekends. Retirement might be closer than I thought.

I'm glad the holidays are almost over. A lot of us have gotten off subject, become like normal people for a short time. My boss suggested I get out and live. Huh? He thinks if you're not outside mowing the yard or shoveling the snow, you're not living. Okay, how many people who shovel the snow drop dead from a heart attach. That's not living.

So, until next time, cheers.

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  1. Glad you got your venting out. Hope you have a productive new writing year.

  2. Sounds like inspiration for a character that gets a piano dropped on their head ;-j

  3. I enjoyed reading this as I have some family who constantly ask me the same question. Usually it's "where can I buy your book. You said you were writing one."
    They don't know that writing a book means just that. You wrote a book. It doesn't always get pubbed. Big difference. Sometimes I wish I'd never told anyone either. BUT I DID. AND I've been writing for years. And I've had lots of publishing successes with newspapers, mags. But that's been it. I haven't given up getting a book on a shelf in some book store.
    Let's just enjoy our writing and the rest will come when it's time. Blessings.

  4. I always enjoy your comments, Barb, thanks for dropping by. What you said about getting a book on a shelf is so true. I'd like to go one step further, and get the book in someone's hands, reading. That's my goal, though it frightens me a little. I'm so close I can almost taste it.

  5. Liz,

    Hey there! I'm Craig, your ROW80 sponsor.

    Could you email your email address? I want to get the email addys of all "my folks" so I can do little e-blasts of encouragement in addition to blog drop-bys.

    My email is craigintwincities at yahoo dot com.

  6. I have to say that during this season it's easy to get overwhelmed and say things a little short. I am the queen of not saying it but truly thinking it. And I think that is lacking in christian spirit. Giggle. Oh well, just human and glad to get back on track myself. Happy New Year and God Bless.